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The future of school is Hybrid, Decentralised, EdTech driven and Open

The future of school is Hybrid, Decentralised, EdTech driven and Open –These 3 elements makes EdTech a game changer for Schools.

The future of school is Hybrid, Decentralised, EdTech driven and Open

The Education Model took a dramatic shift in 2020 as a result of Pandemic

Over 1.3 billion people, and the number is going to explode in the next few years, aged 12–19 had to shift from physical schooling to EdTech tools based online school across the Globe.

As we are approaching "back to normal" life in a post vaccinated world would "back to school" be new normal for schools & students post 2022 summer holidays?

Embracing remote learning out of no choice due to pandemic has created the necessary framework towards hybrid, decentralised and open learning model in Education. Higher inflation with continued increase in energy costs, living expenses, higher interest rates will act as catalyst to shift from conventional classroom based education to technology based education system.

I see the potential for this to start from 3 days a week classroom learning and 2 days remote learning and gradually move towards a necessity based classroom learning for collaboration, project work and social interactions by 2030.  

Technology innovations of decentralised web 3.0 using blockchain, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality content curated by AIML algorithms will be at the centre of learning in years to come.

Hybrid learning opens up children to get closer to nature on offsite days similar to popular forest school in recent years, improves mental health and fitness, enable them to understand and appreciate the beauty of Flora & Fauna.

The "Education" industry, as a sector, is about to get a makeover that is overdue with disruptive EdTech companies and solutions.

At TechnifiED, we're committed to make this transition as smooth as possible to schools, parents & students with our technological  platforms. We wish to help schools transform education.

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