Supercharging Schools with next gen EdTech

Skoolview is a cross functional EdTech platform built for Schools, MAT & LA that covers all touch points between School & Parents


Simple, yet powerful features

Skoolview is built on the principle 'data at core' and has 4 modules that cover all touch points between School & Parents

Communication & Engagement Module

CEM helps parent liaison officer, senior leadership team & front office to improve communication with parents, engage better and increase participation in school activities. Mobile app for Staff & Parents allows crisp, relevant & targeted communication, with real time push notification making it more effective compared lengthy emails & newsletters. Includes consent forms for data gathering & parents evening bookings too!

Learning & Assessment

LAM is centred around teaching staff needs to plan & deliver classroom lessons, digital homework management (setting & marking) and continuous assessment of progress. Feedback from parents on homework helps teachers get deeper insights into students learning ability. AI & ML engine generates revision plans & personalised learning recommendations to close the attainment gap.

Cashless Payments

Go cashless with Payments module for all services offered by school and 3rd party such as breakfast clubs, after school clubs requiring payments from parents. Auto-debit for school meals digitally. Request, collect and reconcile payments for school field trips, PTA contributions or any other purchases at school fair with weekly/monthly settlements. A must have tool for your school accounts & finance team tool box.

Reports & Analytics

Ready to go reports for Attendance, Attainments & Accidents along with other easy to build custom reports puts school leadership team in as strong position when it comes to Audits, Inspections and Governing body meetings. RRM provides a central location to create & collate necessary reports and maintain to comply regulatory requirements.

Switch to Skoolview today and cutdown your EdTech inventory by ~50%. Start with Free to use features now!

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Loaded with features that combines various functions of school on a single platform

Annual Curriculum

Learning & Assessment

Plan lessons in line with national curriculum and learning objectives broken down to term, week and day. Upload teaching material and re-use year after year with necessary updates

Homework Dairy

Learning & Assessment

Digital Homework diary to assign home work, track submissions & marking. Feedback collected  from Parents/Students on homework is used in revision planner & personalised learning planner


Learning & Assessment

Continuous formative assessment per topic/learning objective tracking with visual summary charts enable teachers & SLT focus on attainment gaps and necessary intervention planning


Reports & Analytics

Sync attendance information from school MIS or mark attendance at school, field trip or sport fixtures on the go using our platform. Export Attendance reports to Local Authorities for looked after students


Digital Payments

Manage cashless payments collection & refunds for school meal, field trips, events etc., including detailed transaction trail per student with approvals from parents using Skoolcoin virtual currency

Parents & Staff Mobile App

Communication & Engagement

Send Announcements at School, Year Group, or Class level to Parents or send Staff only Announcements. These announcements are delivered on Mobile App with push notification


What our great customers are saying

Switching to SKOOLVIEW has been one of the best decisions in our 'go-digital & lean' roadmap. A good MIS & Skoolview covers ~90% of our School operational & parental engagement needs. Skoolview is the only go to place for parents for all school related information & interactions

Michelle Dawson
Head Teacher, St. Paul's School

Skoolview is very intuitive and easy to use platform that meets the needs of teaching & non-teaching staff and parent community. The best part is our PTA, catering & club providers are also on the platform with role based access control making it secure and manage data privacy better

Ben Craig
Head of ICT, Mount Carmel School

“Recent pandemic forced us to move into virtual school solution. After comparing wide range of EdTech apps, we subscribed to Skoolview that offered all the features that we were looking for and more in a single platform”

Smt. Lata Murthy
Head Teacher, Saraswati Vidya Mandir

“CEM module of Skoolview helped us leap forward with parental engagement whilst Learning & Assessment module reduced our teachers workload at least by 30%. Small suppliers that provide club services benefited from the platform without having to invest in one of their own”

Hassan Malik
Head Teacher, Al-Ameen Islamic Institute

Switch to Skoolview and we will take care of migration of user data for you

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By choosing Skoolview, some of our customers have been able to retire between 5 to 8 different software applications that were in use, reducing license fee, staff workload & overcoming integration challenges

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