Improve your children's grades without causing a burnout

UpGrade is a supplementary learning platform that offers Video lessons to cover school curriculum for revision and attainment gap closure

How does it work?

Choose Subjects & Topics

Identify the gaps in learning and area of improvements recommended by school teachers based on assessment reports, parent-teacher meeting & homework competency. Capture missed lessons that are necessary to catch up because of absence, moving home or relocation to different country.

Build a learning plan

Sign-up on UpGrade platform and select the subjects & topics of gap area. Platform will generate a personalised learning plan listing the available study material, duration of overall learning journey. Study at your own pace and revise multiple times by watching the videos over and again.

Start learning & Track progress

Start learning at your own pace and multiple revisions. Answers questions at the end of session and update learning checklist. Track progress of the subject & topic understanding in line with learning objectives to improve competency in the area of learning gap


What our great customers are saying

“My understanding of chemical compounds & balancing of equations improved dramatically from the lessons on Chemical Reactions.”

Sonia Chahal
Secondary School Student, UK

“The accuracy and speed of solving mathematical problems sky rocketed from the Vedic Mathematics lesson on the platform. It helped me gain significant upper hand in competitive entrance exam”

Samarth Achar
Primary School Student, India

“One should never forget History. However, History is not an easy subject unless it is in Story format. History lessons on UpGrade made it easy to remember without having memorise and the checklist at the end of lesson re-inforced understanding better”

Abbie Toper
Secondary School Student, UK

“Differential and Integral Calculus are not easiest to learn without revisions. These are important skills for an aspiring Scientist/Engineer to acquire. UpGrade helped me achieve it at my own pace & time with good quality learning content”

Sixth Form Student, UK